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Family Law

Nall & Miller, LLP has the experience and expertise to help guide our clients through life’s major events. We help clients plan for the future as well as represent clients in mediations and trials concerning family law issues.

Prenuptial Agreements

Before entering a marriage, people often wish to clearly establish their property and financial rights in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement may save considerable headache and expense down the road. Nall & Miller’s expertise in this area helps our clients prepare for the unexpected and protect their interests.


Divorce is a very sensitive area of practice, which requires attention to and focus on our clients’ personal needs. We understand that clients want access to counsel throughout the divorce process and we are both responsive and diligent in handling domestic matters. Our philosophy differs from most domestic lawyers, in that we recognize that protracted litigation over family law issues is usually not in anyone’s best interest. To this end, we are diligent about advising family law clients about our cost-benefit analysis and advising them about their true needs and reasonably expected outcomes.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

It is important that families prepare for the future. Being well-prepared means having a Last Will and Testament well in advance of any life threatening injury or illness, as well as advance directives for healthcare needs and powers of attorney. We ensure that all advance directives and other documents reflect our clients’ wishes, so that they have confidence and peace of mind knowing that they have appropriately planned for the future.

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