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Our Roots

Nall & Miller, LLP is one of Atlanta’s oldest, most established, and highly regarded law firms.  Tracing its origin back to 1948, Nall & Miller began when A. Walton Nall, Edwin Sterne, and Samuel Miller formed the original partnership and began practice in the historic William-Oliver Building in downtown Atlanta.

Seated in the heart of the historic Five Points area of downtown Atlanta, Nall & Miller entrenched itself as a leader in Atlanta’s legal and professional communities.

Today, Nall & Miller resides several blocks up Peachtree, and continues to maintain its seven decade commitment to downtown and the city it calls home.  Through its continuity over seven decades, Nall & Miller has passed down an internal ethos and external reputation of impeccable integrity and superior legal services. Today’s attorneys with Nall & Miller are writing the next chapter of the firm’s rich history.

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