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Healthcare Law

Nall & Miller, LLP provides a wide range of legal support to hospitals, clinics, healthcare groups, staffing agencies, and individual medical providers. We have defended individuals and entities in 27 states.  In addition to defense work, we regularly advise clients on issues relating to healthcare regulations involving privacy and confidentiality, HIPAA, managed care, and EMTALA. We also represent and assist hospitals and medical providers in matters affecting staff privileges, credentialing, licensing and peer review.  Nall & Miller also represents medical providers in audits and regulatory matters with Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance companies.

We have significant experience with psychiatric care and rehabilitation medicine, serving as primary counsel for seven psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, and residential treatment facilities.

We represent physicians, nurses, podiatrists, chiropractors, optometrists, and pharmacists before a large number of state licensing boards in connection with complaint investigations, investigations following settlements of malpractice claims, and/or significant adverse verdicts or settlements.

Nall & Miller represents both hospitals and physicians in Fair Hearings involving revocation or suspension of hospital privileges.

Nursing Home Litigation

As our population ages, the number of personal care and nursing homes has increased dramatically. Nall & Miller recognizes and understands the need to balance the rights of a patient with the management goals of the facility. We have successfully defended cases involving allegations of negligence, elder abuse and neglect arising from nursing homes and the delivery of personal care services.

Risk Management

Routinely we provide inservice risk management seminars to facilities, practice groups and State Associations.  Our Healthcare Lawyers have addressed risk management matters at state, regional, and national professional meetings.

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