Firm Wins Contested Lemon Law Arbitration for Motorhome Assembler

Partner Mark Lefkow recently won an arbitration for a motorhome assembler in a case that the consumers presented very well. The firm’s client faced some significant obstacles – including many days with the motorhome documented as being in a repair facility and some Georgia Attorney General statutory guidance that could have supported Lemon Law relief in this case. Ultimately, the arbitration panel reached the correct conclusion and denied relief to the consumers. The Lemon Law does not cover the home portion of motorhomes. It is limited to issues concerning the chassis and self-driven vehicle. Significant to the panel was the fact that the consumers were informed that they could take the motorhome to the chassis dealer, but they chose not to do so. The panel found that the vehicle was not out of service on account of nonconformities in the chassis or self-propelled vehicle that significantly affected the use, value or safety of the vehicle; the vehicle to be out of service for more than 30 days; there were no present defects that significantly affected use, value or safety; and that the motorhome assembler had promised to repair certain issues that arose during the warranty period.

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